Saturday, July 10, 2010

Serious ... Black

The weather plays truant at the oddest of time. It rains when I don't want it to, and it doesn't when I want it to. The rains also bring out the weirdest pangs in you. You definitely make it a point to indulge in road side chaat even though your mother banned you with her right hand over her heart (but gives in when your pangs take over followed by a bout of uncontrollable drooling). Another thing, highly irrational in the rain, is golas or ice candy. No matter how the vendor drags the gunny wrapped block of ice halfway across the street, the same street where countless people walk, spit, and do other unmentionables. No matter how rusty the pick with which he cracks a chunk to slap over his creaky ice shaving machine. No matter how grotesque the vibrant colours look of the 100% synthetic syrup he pours over the shaved iced delight. You still devour it like mana from heaven.

Now that I have officially squashed every Indian's childhood dreams, I'll make it up by sharing with you a recipe I concocted whilst having a candid rendezvous with my favourite Kala Khatta at the beach. I picked up a Kala Khatta concentrate from a nearby general store (Kala Khatta is basically a syrup made from the juice of a fruit called Jamun and is also called the Indian blackberry or the Java plum) which inspired this all-dark alcoholic drink and also gave it that street side grunge.


1 part Grey Goose/Smirnoff Vodka
1 Lime (Juiced)
1 part Kala Khatta Syrup
Shaved Ice
Slice of Lime, Mint & Chaat Masala or Black Salt / Sea Salt & Pepper to Garnish

Pour vodka in a margarita glass till it fills the bulb, top with shaved ice. In a shaker combine the Kala Khatta Syrup with Lime Juice and give it a good shake. Pour carefully over the shaved ice. Garnish with a Slice of Lime, Mint and serve sprinkled with a bit of Chaat Masala / Black Salt / Sea Salt & Pepper. 

Alternatively, you can rim the glass with lime and dip the edge in any of the above seasoning's. I am sure you will make this year round, and all in the confines of your spick and span kitchen.

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Nikita said...

I think this is genius!!